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初中英语作文 篇1

How to be stronger

With the improvement of people’s material conditions, people have higher demands for living quality. People wish to be in good health and to have good living habits. How shall we do?

First, keep going to bed and getting up early every clay. Then do some exercises in the open air to breathe the fresh air in the morning, so we will have a pleasant mood in a day.

Then have balanced food to ensure our health. Eat more vegetables.

Being calm and good-natured is most important for our health. Hope you will be happy forever.

初中英语作文 篇2



我今天说课的内容是9B Unit 4 Reading,我从教材、教法、学法指导和教学过程四个方面对本课进行说明。



这单元是9B的最后一个单元。以Great people为话题展开学习,该话题很容易引起学生的讨论兴趣。在welcome to the unit 部分,学生已初步学习了一些有关伟人的知识。Reading 是一个单元的核心部分,它承载着众多的教学任务。我将reading部分分作二课时进行教学,第一课时为阅读课,第二课时为语言知识学习课和练习巩固课。根据教材的安排及新课标要求学生通过体验,实践,参与,合作,交流和探究等方式学习和使用英语,真正体现以学习者为中心的教学理念,我详细说说第一课时的教学。基于本课在教材中所处的地位及作用,特制定以下教学目标。


知识目标: 1、To grasp some important language points.

2、To understand English idoms.

能力目标: 1、To guess general meaning from keywords and context.

2、To skim text for overall meaning and scan for details.

情感目标:To learn spirit from great people.


To identify true or false statements based on the reading passage.

To extract relevant information from the reading passage.




通过形象生动的图片及相关资料,调动学生的学习兴趣, 激起学生情感上的共鸣,从而引导学生从整体上理解课文、从细节分析课文,促进学生的语言能力及其情感等方面整体发展。








一 Skim the text, answer questions:

1. Why is Neil Armstrong famous?

2. Are there any aliens on the moon?

3. What award did he get?

二 Para 1-3: Before he walked on the moon


Neil Armstrong

Date of birth


Place of birth



at 6_____________________

at 15____________________________

at 16 _______________________________

in 1949 _____________________

when he moved to California ___________________

in 1962 ________________________

in 1966 ________________________

三 Para3:Read and complete the passage:

In 1962, he ____ _______ ____become an astronaut.

In 1966, he and David R. Scott _________ ___ join two spacecraft together for the first time in space. But when the spacecraft began spinning ____ _____ ________, Mission Control thought it was _____ ____ ____ _____ _____ ______, so they _______ Armstrong ____ cut the flight short, and he succeeded.

四 Para4-5: Walking on the moon

Read and answer some questions:

1. When did Armstrong land on the moon?

2. Who did he come to the moon with?

3. What are the famous words?

4. How long did they walk on the moon?

5. What did they collect for further research?

6. What did the whole world do when Apollo 11 returned?

五 Retell the two paragraphs with the help of the six questions above:

六 Para6-7:Reports about aliens on the moon

Read and judge T or F:

1. It is said that Armstrong and Aldrin saw alien spacecraft.

2. The alien spacecraft is very small.

3. When Armstrong was on the moon, the aliens were very friendly.

七 Para8:Award for Armstrong

1.What is the Medal of Freedom for a US citizen?

2. What did Armstrong do for people around the world?

八 Read the passage together and fill in the blanks with right words:

Neil Armstrong took his first f_______ at six and received his pilot’s ________(执照) at 16. In 1949, Neil j_______ the navy and worked as a p_______. He was s_________ to be an astronaut in 1962. Four years later, he m__________ to join two spacecraft together in space. On 20th July 1969, he _______(着陆) Apollo 11 on the moon with Aldrin __________(成功).Neil said ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for m________’. Armstrong got the highest a_____ that a US c________ can receive. He is the pride of the world.

九 Retell the text

Name: Neil Armstrong

Date of birth: 5th August 1930

Place of birth: Ohio, the USA

Major event: at 6: was interested in flying

at 16: got his student pilot’s licence

In 1949: joined the navy

In 1962: became an astronaut

In 1966: joined 2 spacecraft together for the first time in space.

On 20th July 1969: walked on the moon

Famous words: one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Award: Medal of Freedom

What do you think of him: our pride — make us realize...

Homework: 1.Recite the text.

2.Finish some additional exercises.

以上是第一范文网小编为大家整理的初中英语说课稿:9B Unit 4 Reading,希望对大家有所帮助。

初中英语代词 总结 篇3




数单数 复数

格 主格 宾格 主格 宾格

第一人称 I meweus

第二人称 youyou youyou

he him theythem

第三人称 sheher theythem

it ittheythem

如:He is my friend. 他是我的朋友。

It's me. 是我。

二、 物主代词表示所有关系的代词,也可叫做代词所有格。物主代词分形容性物主代词和名词性物主代词二种,其人物和数的。变化见下表。

数 单数 复数

人称第一 第二 第三 第一 第二 第三

人称 人称 人称 人称 人称 人称

形容词性 my your his/her its our your/their


名词性物主代词 mine yours his/hers its ours yours/theirs

如: I like his car.


Our school is here,and theirs is there.



如: That is a good idea.那是个好主意。


如: She was talking to herself. 她自言自语。

五、表示相互关系的代词叫相互代词,有each other 和one another两组,但在运用中,这两组词没什么区别。

如: They love each other. 他们彼此相爱。

六、不是指明代替任何特定名词的代词叫做不定代词。常见的不定代词有a11,both,each,every等,以及含有some-,any-,no-等的合成代词,如anybody, something,no one。这些不定代词大都可以代替名词和)●(形容词,在句中作主语、宾语、表语和定语, 但none和由some,any,no等构成的复合不定代词只能作主语、宾语或表语;every和no只能作定语。如:

--- Do you have a car --你有一辆小汽车吗?

--- Yes,I have one. --是的,我有一辆。

--- I don't know any of them. 他们,我一个也不认识。

七、 疑问代词有who,whom,whose,what和which等。在句子中用来构成特殊疑问句。疑问代词都可用作连接代词,引导名词性从句(主语从句、宾语从句和表语从句)

如:Tell me who he is. 告诉我他是谁。

八、 关系代词有who,whom,whose,that,which,as等,可用作引导从句的关联词。它们在定语从句中可作主语、表语、宾语、定语等;另一方面它们又代表主句中为定语从句所修饰的那个名词或代词(通称为先行词)。

如: He is the man whom you have been looking for. 他就是你要找的那个人