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我的`暑假英语作文 篇1

Holiday, and ended the tense of learning, my father would ask me to Pangquanyou play. I am full of joy agreed.

The next day, we are about to set foot on the journey. After a morning car bumps, I was already exhausted, but still curious about the destination. "Finally arrived!" I shouted happily. We bought the tickets and the tools to fight the water, put on life jackets. I first rushed to the side of the boat, a trip to jump on the boat, and so we sat down after the water. "Really cool!" I have not been attacked. "I can not help but cry, I now lost the ability to resist, by their pot of cold water hit a Jiling. My father see me not to adapt, they began to attract their firepower, so give me a chance to breathe. I saw the opportunity, they will not be outdone to launch a revolt against them. I picked up the basin to scoop the water, forced to the opponent to throw, so that he had to re-attention to me. The opponent once again aimed at me. I see the situation is not good, there may be I will become "drowned chicken", they rise up against, began my "crazy" plan. Again and again in the water, and then forced to throw the opponent, each time will let them "through the heart cool." I can not wait! Just think of this, fighting into the white-hot. Now, we have opponents before and after. Was attacked on both sides. They just want to stop, a look that we are unfavorable, and then launched a battle to me. I hurried to my father said: "You are responsible for the front, I am responsible for the back!" We have carried out the most intense fighting ever. I kept pouring so that they could not start. At that time I took the opportunity to take the largest pot, filled with water, make every effort to splash them. While the opponent to see the situation unfavorable, they would like to escape as soon as possible, otherwise there will be a "drowning dog" the possibility. No way, I will let them annihilate, so that they can not force me to "mercy." Looking back at the father, but already in the leisurely view of the war, do not help, so uncomfortable. This is a war, I became awkward: hair all wet. Just before the end of the fighting, there is a steep slope appeared in front of me, never played this game I really want to experience several times. I grabbed the handle, a strong torrent to push us down, the water covered me, so I had to drink a few saliva. Then meet us is a stone b()atter, left touch, right hit about, scared I could not help but issued screams. Unknowingly to the end.

We got the boat, for good clothes, happily embarked on the way home.

我的快乐暑假英语作文 篇2

I really had a happy holiday. I finished doing my homework on time and revied the new lessons. Before the Srping Festival i went shopping with my parents and decorated our house. On Spring Festival Day I made dumplings with my parents and watched firework. Then I visited my friends and relatives. I also went temple fairs. besides I did sports. What a happy holiday I had.

我的暑假生活英语作文带翻译 篇3

Before the holiday, my mood is mixed, I always have to meet the mood of the plan is the end of the holiday in a twinkling of an eye, I always looked at it like a flash in the pan with the mood of excitement unbearable holiday.

Holidays, although have piles of homework, but for me, that is the sweetest, most beautiful trap. Time, however, is that I have a miserable life. Originally present a wonderful holiday, is actually the most painful to enjoy! At this moment, I heard a child not far from the noise, is suddenly enlighted, I originally is far from the door to freedom, with the speed of light also can't catch up with. At this time, I like eighteen layers of hell from heaven fell to the bottom, can not help but sigh deeply.

Vacation, I went to the Forbidden City is the most unforgettable, when I was in the museum attracted to exquisite porcelain, I like a cageling general freedom is let out, forget yesterday. The painful memories, like chains, I still cannot forget right now.

See vacation to the end, I would like a horse fierce eat grass back, although I kept in combat and mathematics, but, I still very like to finish this period of painful memories.

In the imperial palace, I saw many, jade and precious cultural relics of Buddha, I also learned the use and practice of bronze ware, enough a lot of knowledge. Knowledge and fully enjoy the trip!






2020关于我的暑假英语作文 篇4

Summer vacation, this is a the students expect long-lost happy time, simply can and play, no more unpleasant sound alarm clock in the morning.。. But we looked at those high expectations, a less-pressured treasure mom, has arranged everything for us: early in the morning to go to remedial class, noon to classes every day and every day go to remedial classes in the afternoon. I every day in ask him, who invented the remedial class! Deprived of the time I watch TV, if let me know who it is, I will regard that man as my enemy.


我的暑假英语作文 篇5

On a sunny afternoon, our green team holiday came to the beautiful jurong - border town of zhenjiang city, this will be our team the last time this summer holiday.

We came to a resort, a room booked, after, she was "just", wear swimsuit, ran downstairs to the natural swimming pool to swim. The depth of about 1.2, here on my neck. Some people in the swimming pool to swim freestyle, some people swim breaststroke, some people swim backstroke, some people swim butterfly, some people swimming, swimming, and I chose to sleep.

我的暑假生活英语作文范文 篇6

Summer life, like a kaleidoscope, colorful; Like all kinds of lollipops, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter; Like the leaves on the big tree, each piece is a memory. Among them, the "identity" of one leaf is very special.

One hot summer evening, the sun scorched the earth. When I came home from my interest class, I suddenly found a mantis bowing to me in the flower bed on the roadside, waving this "big knife"。 What a praying mantis! It is dressed in green "armor" and equipped with a pair of huge wings. Its front legs are like two "big knives"。 It really looks like a gatekeeper; The small green eyes were turning around, and the two tentacles were swinging leisurely. I like it so much that I can't wait to catch it.

So I launched an arrest operation. First, he approached the mantis carefully, but it responded quickly. He felt that the visitor was not good, so he posed for the fight. I'll make a "swift attack" first and catch the mantis with one hand. Unexpectedly, it dodged quickly. The praying mantis waved a "big knife" and was proud, like a majestic general who had won a battle.

I'm not willing to lose to a mantis. I thought and thought, looked and looked. I finally understand that Mantis's dagger is the general's sword. To catch it, we must first control its "big knife"。 So, I found two small wooden sticks. First, I let the mantis clamp one small wooden stick, then I pressed the mantis's "big knife" with another wooden stick, and then I caught it at once. Ah, I finally succeeded! Now the mantis has been caught and cannot move. It looks like a general who has lost a battle.

Ha ha, I was so excited that I jumped three feet high. The contest ended in my victory.

我的暑假英语作文 篇7

My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable. I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays. It is very beautiful there. There are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals and kind people. I spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there. I wrote down what happened in my diary every day.

Besides that, I helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. I helped them read English and improve their spoken English. Their parents thanked me for this.



英语作文我的暑假生活 篇8

I had a joyful summer vacation. During the holidays, I traveled with my families.

We went to Beijing and stayed there for four days. We lived in the hotel. It is very beautiful. We visited to the end more time in chatting with my parents and help them to do some housework.

I am going to take part in the social activities so that I can know more about the society. If possible, I’d like to make a trip to Xiamen. I’m sure I’ll have an interesting and meaningful summer holiday. I am looking forward to it.

我的暑假英语作文 篇9

In addition to the stressful and substantial study life, I also have a relaxed and happy holiday life. The rich and varied content, enrich my life, also adds a bit of fun and leisurely as his childish students.

Go for a walk at leisure is a compulsory course for me every day. Walking in the area next to the flowers, breathing the fresh air, and the bird companion, enjoy a rich rose, Lily Gao Jie, exotic flowers and dinner, as well as the charming Magnolia, Canna's brilliant, I will gently say to myself: "life is beautiful." I sincerely feel around with the enthusiasm of enjoying the riotous with colour, brilliant purples and reds. I involuntarily emit from my heart, "I belong to nature!"

More, I will head into the sea of books, books that breathe in bookstores, libraries peculiar smell, feel the joy of walking books. Into the history of the ocean, I will move the emperor Fenshukengru and anger, and tears for Farewell to My Concubine miserable, Zhu Geliang DOA sadly sigh; walk the halls of literature, I gradually realized that her helpless, her talent, experience Marie's stubborn, Colin's frail, appreciate Yu Qiuyu "early morning rain listening", Qian Zhongshu's "fortress besieged"。.。.。.

My summer life is a poem, a green leaf, a song.。.